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Wish Us Many More Laughter Years Brahmanandam gaaru

Ravi Kumar V | Feb-01-2019

It will not be an exaggeration to say you can not find a single Telugu guy without a smile on his face when you utter his name, “Brahmanandam” means ultimate bliss as he himself humbly says it is his parents Kanneganti Nagalingachari and Kanneganti Lakshmi Narsamma, might have named him predicting that he would  make people laugh in future.


Introduced to the silver screen as Ara gundu by Hasyabrahma Jandhyala in “Aha Naa Pellanta”, this Telugu lecturer from Atthili has become a household readymade stress buster. It is no wonder he found a page in Guinness Book with his 1000 plus movies in his career. There were many instances where Brahmanandam’s comedy became a life jacket for some of the movies with a mighty star cast such as “Bava gaaru Bagunnara”.  In fact, there were many movies which could stand at the box office only for Brahmanandam’s comedy. Though it is a comic scene meant for generating fun the scene from “Dookudu” wherein PadmaShri Brahmi portrays different shades of a man depicts his acting brilliance where he shows a contrast of emotions in a split second. Brahmanandam’s expressions have become a handy, full-pledged tool for social media page admins in creating memes.


While Khan Dada, Nellore Pedda Reddy, Mc Dowel Murthy, Kill Bill Pandey won Nandi Awards, PadmaShri, Gachibowli Diwakar, Halwa Raj/Parugu Prakash Raj, Bhattacharya (Bhattu), Jilebi, Baddam Bhaskar, Padmanabha Simha have won audience’s heart. This Shankar Dada RMP who has a laughter medicine for everyone in his humour kit has undergone a heart surgery recently in Mumbai.


Movietonite wishes comedy king Brahmanadam gaaru a Happy Birthday and foresee much more comical years from him

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