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Vijay Devarakonda on NOTA failure: Celebrate my failure now only...I will be back!

Sreelatha Mavireddy | Oct-31-2018

The failure of NOTA did not disappoint Vijay Devarakonda, this young hero is ready to make no excuses and accept the failure as it is. Vijay was happy that some liked his movie but at the same time, he also clearly indicated that he will be coming out strong with another film. Interestingly, he took a dig at those who celebrated his failure. Vijay tweets an open letter last night to the fans where he mentioned all these things.


Vijay Devarakonda wrote, “To everyone who goes to the cinema for me and to all who hope others fail and celebrate it. I will not make excuses, I take responsibility, I am proud of NOTA. It’s a story I wanted to tell, a character explored and a performance delivered. Tamil Nadu, the national media and all the audience who loved it here, your love has been received. All the disappointment and criticism is taken seriously, it will be studied, the miscalculation on my side corrected, decisions evaluated and work put in but the attitude will not change.


A success or failure isn’t what makes or breaks a Rowdy. The day you stop, give in, give up, that’s when you stop being one. And being Rowdy isn’t about just winning, it’s fighting for that win, it’s an attitude that burns inside us, so be proud rowdies, keep fighting. Gelusthe Gelustamm Leda Nerchukuntamm", he added.

Recently, a lady director narrated a script to Vijay to which he liked and the project might get materialized very soon. Hence, Vijay is happy that he got another chance even though the film failed.

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