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The Maker Who Knows The Magic of Turning A Life Story into An Immortal Epic

Ravi Kumar V | Apr-23-2019

Born in Doctors’ family Nag Ashwin worked as an Assistant to Sekhar Kammula debuted as a director with “Yevade Subramanyam” which is certainly an experiment for a new director and it proved to be but was acclaimed by critics for its story.


Nag Ashwin’s second movie “Maha Nati” neither need any introduction nor leaves any metrics to assess his ability as a director. Nag Ashwin transformed yesteryear legendary heroine Savithri’s tragical story into a celebration on the very silver screen where she enacted many memorable roles and the only artiste to justify the word “Maha Nati”.  


Selection of artist for the role of Savithri, who is known for her inimitable and greater and wider range acting skills is undoubtedly a challenge because there is every possibility that the audience will reject the movie outright and lambaste at for their love towards Savithri. There is no second thought in saying Nag Ashwin won the hearts of Savithri fans in meeting up the challenge. The older generation who knew Savithri could relate to their times and Nag Ashwin created such a curiosity in younger generation Youtube was flooded with videos with information about Savithri. It will not be exaggerating to say the audience starts seeing Savithri in Keerthi Suresh after the movie takes off its second hour. Narrating a story which is known to everybody in bits and pieces and has an emotional perspective of who is the villain and who is not is a difficult task which was excellently executed by this young director. Nag Ashwin has set a benchmark in making a biopic with “Maha Nati”.

Movietonite wishes this Young director a very happy birthday and all success for his future projects.

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