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Telugu Film Industry’s Corona Crisis Charity

Ravi Kumar V | Mar-31-2020

To aid the Film workers especially the daily wage earners who need the most support in the industry in the wake of Carona, Mega Star Chiranjeevi took an initiative to set up Corona Crisis Charity and also constituted a Hi-Power Committee with 7 members from the Industry. Tammareddy Bharadwaja, D.Suresh Babu, C.Kalyan, Damu, N.Shankar, Banerjee, and  Meher Ramesh. Mega Star, who made his entry into social media, this Ugadi tweeted the contact numbers of #CoronaCrisisCharity (CCC) (92480 77790 / 95819 00023). 


Responding to CCC’s appeal Film Fraternity besides their contributions to the PM relief fund and Telugu states CM relief funds making their contribution to  Corona Crisis Charity also. This is not the first time the film industry has come forward in the event of natural calamities, like in the times of Divi Seema floods when NTR and ANR took the initiative to raise funds. But this is for the first time for the industry to raise funds for the industry’s own people as lockdown situation adversely impacted the lives of daily wage cine workers.  


Megastar also recorded a song along with Nagarjuna, Varun Tej, Sai dharma Tej in Koti’s music direction, on Corona awareness and importance of social distance and appealing people to stay at home. Chiru invited people to shot such kind of singing videos and send the footages to


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