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Shilpa Shetty heartbroken for a while...What happened?

Sreelatha Mavireddy | Oct-03-2018

Shilpa Shetty is the one who gained much popularity with the successful film career in Bollywood. Not only on silver screen, Shilpa but also entered the small screen to steal audience hearts. First, she has started his TV career with a show participant, and then as a judge. Now, she ventures into a new medium as the host of the reality dating show 'Hear Me Love Me'. 'Hear Me...Love Me' is a new age dating show that puts the rules of attraction to the ultimate test. In an interview, she shared her past love, dating, and heartbreak news to the media.

Bollywood beauty Shilpa said, “There was a boy who would call me up every evening when I was at college. In those days, we just had a landline, and I would wait for him to call every evening. Which girl wouldn’t like the attention at that age? As soon as my father would get home, I would disconnect the phone. Mr. X would call himself and that wonderful dating continued for nearly 3-4 months. One fine day, I asked him to meet me at the bus stop, but he never met me. I decided to break up with him after that,” Shilpa says.

She also revealed the twist in this story that 'My friends made a bet with that boy and told him to start a relationship with me. It may sound totally filmy, but it’s true. Later, the boy ended up breaking up with me because his intention was only to win the bet. I can’t say I was depressed, but I was heartbroken for a while', added Shilpa Shetty.

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