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Happy Birth Day to HappyDays Director

Ravi Kumar V | Feb-05-2019

Sekhar Kammula turned his dream of moviemaking into reality with an independent film Dollar Dreams which won him the National Film Award for Best First film of a director and was screened at the International Film Festival of India. A Master of Fine Arts Holder from Howard University with no film background started making movies without assisting anybody in direction department. Known for his alternative cinema making skills his passion for cinema reflects in his movies.


Sekhar Kammula makes his movies on contemporary, current issues and follows the trends in society to make a trend-setting movie. For instance, Dollar Dreams was a movie made about people looking for study/working opportunities in the US was a trending subject then and Happydays was the movie released at the juncture of more number of engineering colleges coming up and many students leaving their colleges identified themselves the characters in the movie.


Women in Sekhar Kammula movies are strong and have great importance in the plot line of the film. Anand, his second movie though titled with a male name, it is ‘Rupa’ (played by Kamilini Mukharjee) drives the movie with her self respect and integrity. Anand is the best example to show how courageous Sekhar is, the heroine in the movie leaves from her marriage when she is not allowed to wear her mother’s saree. How challenging it would be to narrate such a story and make people accept it and make it a big hit.  Sekhar Kammula is such a director who sticks to what he believes in and transforms it onto the silver screen the way he wanted it. Came with tag line ‘manchi coffee laanti cinema’, Anand proved it to be. His ‘Seetha’ in Godavari, 'Bhanumathi' in Fidaa are protagonists around whom the movies revolve. Anaamika is his full-pledged movie on women after the Nirbhaya incident.


Anybody else would stand behind Sekhar Kammula if it is about encouraging new talent. There is a big list of  Heroes, Heroines, Music directors who were introduced by him and became successful.


This two time Nandi awardee for Best Director also the producer for Dollar Dreams, Anand Aavakaya Biryani, Life Is Beautiful and was also  Choreographer for Anand, Happydays.


Movietonite wishes a  very Happy Birthday to talented director Sekhar Kammula


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