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Golden Lotus Bloomed On Silver Screen

Ravi Kumar V | Feb-19-2019

When we google for dictionary meaning of “Hero”, the results displayed are a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities and its synonyms being brave man, champion, man of courage, great man, conqueror, Lionheart, warrior, paladin, knight. Contrary to meaning  Kashinadhuni Viswanath’s heroes are a premature born, a blind flutist, a middle-aged musician, an unsuccessful dancer, a cobbler, a drummer, a poster boy, a stammerer. All his movies have a storyline as the hero and kathaanaayakudu will not lead but would follow in the path.


His hero sees the goddess in his wife and chants hymns. His hero enlightens the classic dancer in his heroine who lost her self in the western wind. His hero travels along with his master’s dumb daughter when she is alone. His hero faces all odds to make his fiancee’s wish to see her face on the silver screen.


I am aware that, no cloud can handle the data if we're to write paragraphs praising his movies so I limited my self with his characterisation of Heroes.  Movietonite praises the Lords from heavens on this day for showering this rare phenomenon to stroll on the earth.


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