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Extraordinary Story Of An Ordinary Man-A journey from a worried son of weaver mother to inventor son of mother India

Ravi Kumar V | Feb-05-2019

Chintakindi Mallesham coming from a poor weaver family, who are into weaving Pochampally tradition of silk sarees was concerned about his mother Lakshmi’s shoulder pain in the process of “Asu” invented  “Asu machine” for which he was awarded PadmaShri.


“Asu” is a laborious process and a painful method in which the weaver has to stretch her arms incessantly taking the thread around a pair of pegs for over 9000 times over a length of 1 meter and it takes virtually 5 hours for a single saree. The young Mallesham, working alongside his mother was concerned about the mother’s pain and also the rate of production due to this asu process and after keenly observing machines in rice mills and workshops in his village and tried to work out how they could be adapted for the asu process. He was determined to automate this painful asu process. It took this Class VI dropout three long years to make such device.


Working as a daily wage earner in Hyderabad to earn money for developing his idea Mallesham a native of Aler village in Telangana’s Yadadri district, invented “Laxmi Asu machine” to make life easier for his mother with her name and won a Padma Shri in the process.  More than the award itself it has brought recognition to the weavers of the Pochampally Ikat tradition and for those family members, friends and relatives who ridiculed him in his innovation process. The best part of it is apart from reducing the time taken to weave a Pochampally Ikat sari from about six hours to an hour and a half his innovation helped the younger generation of the weaving community to return to its vocation.


Mallesham’s story is one of extraordinary tenacity, this inspiring story is all set to come alive on the celluloid soon. Titled “Mallesham”, directed by debutant filmmaker Raj, the biopic will narrate the journey of Mallesham from being a school drop-out to becoming the inventor of the Asu machine. While Priyadarshi plays the title role, Jhansi will be seen as his mother Laxmi. Produced under Studio 99 Films banner famous artist Laxman Aelay is handling the production design and the dialogues are written by Peddinti Ashok Kumar. ‘Mallesham” first look was released on 3rd February. Movietonite wishes all the success to the entire team for their efforts in showcasing the Extraordinary Story Of An Ordinary Man.


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