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Chiru Praises R.Narayanmurthy's Simplicity

Ravi Kumar V | May-27-2019

Megastar Chiranjeevi graced the audio function of R Narayana Murthy's upcoming movie 'Market Lo Prajaswamyam'  held on Tuesday night at Hyderabad's Prasad Labs.


Speaking on the occasion, Megastar made some graceful comments on Murthy gaaru for being so simple throughout his life and for his conviction and passion about cinema. Saying that they have met 40 years ago since then he has not changed and is a straightforward person. Talking about his simplicity further, Chiru added  Murthy gaaru has never been after money and status and he loved the cinema, married cinema and living with it now.


When Megastar stated that he got surprised when Murthy gaaru invited him for the audio launch. Murthy replied humbly he invited Chiranjeevi gaaru to the event because his presence will make the film get a lot of attention and he invited Megastar for his selfish reason. But Chiru thanking him back and saying that its a wonderful opportunity for him is his Samaskaram and praised Chiru for being a strong Pillar to his family and industry as well.


Chiranjeevi stated that the movie would have made more impact if it released before the election and hoped that 'Market Lo Prajaswamyam' addresses about the migrations in politics.


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