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Birthday Wishes to a Legendary Singer

Ravi Kumar V | Jan-17-2019

Today is the birthday of legendary singer K J Yesudas, who made a memorable contribution to  Telugu film singing. His mystic soothing voice keeps ringing in the ears of Telugu for his songs like ‘’Gaali Vaanalo’’, ‘’Devude Icchaadu Veedhi Okati’’,‘’Chukkalle Thochave Yennelle Kaachave’’.

Though K J Yesudas was singing occasionally for TFI, his songs are remarkable and there were some movies which are remembered for his songs in that movie like  ‘’ Aakasa Desana’’ from 'Meghasandesam’, “Idheley tara taraala charitham” from ‘Peddarikam’. It was Mohan Babu for whom this legendary sung number of songs. All most every movie of Mohana Babu in his heroic appearance had a song from Yesudas. ‘’Daarichupina Devatha’’ from ‘Gruhaprevesam’, “Nagumomu Ganaleni “ from Alludugaru,‘’Musi Musi Navvulalona’’ from ‘Bramha’, ‘’Andhamainaa Vennelalona’’ from Assembly Rowdy to quote a few of them.

The lullaby he sings for ‘Sadma’, “Surmayi Ankhiyo mein” makes you sleep forgetting all worries for his soothing voice.”Telavaarademo Swamy” from ‘SruthiLayalu’, ‘’Lalitha priyakamalam’’ from ‘Rudraveena’ add some feathers to his crown.Known for his Devotional albums his voice resounds in every Ayyappa Bhajan.

Recipient of  National Awards for Best Male Playback Singer, Filmfare Awards, State Awards, K J Yesudas was awarded the Padma Vibhushan for his contribution towards the arts.

Movietonite wishes to keep listening to Yesudas garu for many more years on this occasion of his birthday.


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