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15 Years For a Successful Onesided Love Story

Ravi Kumar V | May-07-2019

Can a boy give his love a  birthday gift that has a photograph of her with her boyfriend?

Will a boy help his love to elope with her boyfriend?   

Will, there be any guy who speaks on behalf of his love’s boyfriend when he leaves her in the middle of the night?

Its been 15 years for this guy “Aarya” who was introduced to us by Sukumar.


Here are a few things that we can recapitulate about Aarya


When Aarya and Geetha exchange their roles Geetha weeps out as she knows how it hurts when someone rejects us. This sensible narration and wonderful depiction of Stepping into other’s shoes won Sukumar Best Director Filmfare.


When Geetha realises that she is actually in love with Aarya and when she goes on telling and Arya closes his ears making a weird sound on a note that she is scolding him and when Geetha turns around she finds Ajay in front of her. This dramatic and gripping script won him Best Screenwriter Nandi award.


When Ajay brings in goons to beat Aarya, he breaks walls and Borewell pumps and makes them fly away. This symbolic ‘you will be beaten  your brains out’ (meeku pagili poddi) fight won Ram-Laxman Best Fight master Nandi.


When Aarya and Geetha get a private time to spend together and grow close to each other,  melodious song in picturesque locations won Sagar Best Male Playback Singer Nandi.


In Short

Aarya is a trendsetter for “a must item song” in DSP’s every album with its “AA antey Amalapuram” song


For fun

Throwing a stone into a plastic cup to know whether love will be successful or not? with the help of his assistant and not believes in such kind of stuff when the stone does not fall.

Punching Faluknama-I am her Lover and He is her Lover


Feel My Love either like Hate or Curse or anything you would like to but feel my love story completes its 15yrs today


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