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Samuel L. Jackson Has a Special Message on Social Distancing

31 Mar, 2020   








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As only Samuel L. Jackson can, he’s telling everyone to “Stay the F at Home” during the coronavirus pandemic.
Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week via video chat, the actor read a new bedtimepoem, written by Adam Mansbach, author of the favorite children's book Go the F to Sleep, which Jackson hilariously recited in viral video a few years ago.
"The 'rona is spreading This s is no joke It's no time to work or roam," Jackson begins. "The way you can fight it is simple, my friends Just stay the f at home.” He goes on, “Now, technically, I'm not a doctor but, motherfer, listen when I read a poem So, here I am, Sam f in' Jackson imploring you, keep your ass at home."

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