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Godzilla: King of the Monsters' Cast Talks Godzilla and Other Favorite Monsters

31 May, 2019   








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The sequel Godzilla: King of the Monsters follows our favorite giant lizard as he is forced out of his sequestered life once again to battle some unsavory monster foes and restore balance once again.

As he attempts his mission in one spectacular fight sequence after another, the human faction must contend with the consequences, from the scientists studying the monsters and trying to help, to the military who want to destroy them.

At the press conference, we asked stars Millie Bobby Brown, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Thomas Middleditch, Kyle Chandler, and Bradley Whitford about Godzilla, his lasting appeal and who their favorite Titan is.

On their feelings about the big guy:

Millie Bobby Brown: I’ll be honest. I was definitely not a fan of Godzilla, which is a good thing because my character isn’t. She’s just a teenage girl. She’s learning about Godzilla and the Titans as she goes along. She doesn’t really know how she feels about him. But I think her love and affection toward him grow in the movie and then also in Godzilla vs. King Kong [the next film in the franchise].

O’Shea Jackson Jr: I love Godzilla and have since I was a kid, watching it on the SyFy channel with my dad, my brother and my uncle. Playing the videogames and with the action figures to destroy my LEGOs. When I did Straight Outta Compton, I listed my five heroes that weren’t my father, and Godzilla was on that list. So I’ve been waiting for this my entire life.

Thomas Middleditch: To be honest, Godzilla had to win me over, but he’s a pretty cool guy in the end. Lot of jokes and goofs. Actually, he wasn’t anywhere near a G.I. Joe of lightsaber growing up for me. He didn’t make my diagram of nerd-ism. But I’m on board now! He’s like a stalky MMA fighter who also could explode like a thermonuclear bomb. He’s becoming like a massive superhero.

Kyle Chandler: It’s Godzilla! The 10-year-old in me said yes!

On why they think the Godzilla lore has lasted:

Middleditch: Well, he’s one of the big iconic monsters that’s had a bunch of reinventions. He has evolved over time. With each new re-imagining, you can hone who he is as a creature. In this movie, you see much more personality from him – and he becomes less and less of this unknowable, destructive creature that just comes, steps on buildings and then leaves. But he still gets to be called Godzilla so you get this long saga with him.

Jackson: And through the years of Godzilla, there have been different people in charge of pushing the story along. Through each new Godzilla, you can see the style changing and creative freedom with such an iconic monster. He’s the Godfather of giant monsters. There are so many references to him in other things. Like in Rugrats, he’s Reptar! He’s just stood the test of time and allows whoever is in charge at that time to be creative and change up his style, the way he looks. They don’t give 30 movies to just anything.

Bradley Whitford: I feel like the reason the story keeps getting retold twice a generation is because of our reptilian brain stems. It’s a story about man’s arrogance that they think they’ve transcended nature. And obviously, this is an important time to talk about how humanity can disrupt order in the world. It came out of this humanitarian and environmental disaster, which was the birth of Godzilla. And that’s why I think it’s the reason it should keep being told.

Chandler: Every decade or so when these Godzilla movies come out, whatever is going in the cultures around the world, that is integrated into the story of Godzilla. Godzilla is basically a wake-up call. When he comes to life, there’s something wrong and he’s telling people to wake up and look at what you’re doing. Look what you’re doing to the world. He’ll live forever to keep thumping us on the head. It’s a thump-in-the-head moment when Godzilla shows up.

On their other favorite monsters:

Jackson: Honestly, I’ve been going the nice route and saying Mothra, but after last night… Rodan! Best entrance in the movie.

Brown: I just think that’s so incorrect. I mean, don’t you think Mothra behind the waterfall is awesome? Definitely Mothra because she’s the only girl and she’s such a hero. And so beautiful.

Whitford: We were talking… there was this Mastodon thing that I never when we were shooting. I was intrigued by him.

Chandler: Like the Snuffleupagus. We figured his name was Tom.

Whitford: Or Phil.

Chandler: I liked the big guy, too. First, I liked Ghidorah cause as a kid it was the most appealing toy with all the moving pieces, three heads and all that. But now I sort of dug the big Mastodon dude. I like his style.

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