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Choreographer Gerry McIntyre on 'Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation'

09 Nov, 2019    added by : Paul Hansen








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Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation is currently spoofing New York theater fare at the Triad Theater in Manhattan. Forbidden Broadway is the creation of Gerard Alessandrini and various editions of the show have been lampooning productions of The Great White Way for decades. Current targets of parody include theatrical versions of Moulin Rouge (transforming into “Moulin Rude”), Beetlejuice and Tootsie.

Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation was recently reviewed on this site and we posed some questions to Gerry McIntyre who choreographed the very entertaining and satirical production. McIntyre, who has been referred to as The Mayor of Broadway, has had a varied entertainment career. In addition to Broadway appearances, he has worked in film with Joan Collins and Donny Osmond and performed in such television shows as Murphy Brown and Boardwalk Empire.

How did you become involved with Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation? Was your work as a choreographer on Spamilton: An American Parody a factor leading to this engagement?

McIntyre: I became involved with Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation because of working with Gerard Alessandrini for many years. We first met when he asked me to be in a production of Forbidden Hollywood out in Los Angeles in 1995. I continued down the Forbidden road with Forbidden Broadway in Los Angeles and a year later choreographed Forbidden Vegas. Some years passed and then Gerard called me and asked me if I would choreograph Spamilton and the rest is history!!

Is there any specific choreography or choreographic styles that you are parodying in Forbidden Broadway? Do you agree that a parody can be a form of a compliment?

McIntyre: My favorite number I choreographed in Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation is the Fosse Verdon number. Bob Fosse is my idol and I know his style very, very well! I got to audition for him many times and was always called back. I also got to work with Gwen Verdon.  And while I was in Chicago on Broadway and I got to work closely with Ann Reinking, so I really know that style and put all the steps together as an homage to Fosse. It’s all done out of respect.

What was it like to perform with Donny Osmond, Richard Attenborough and Joan Collins in the film version of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?

McIntyre: I’m so fortunate to have been asked to do the Joseph movie. I was in the Los Angeles production at the Pantages with Michael Damien which transferred to Broadway at the Minskoff theatre. Then I got a call from my agents asking me if I wanted to do the film with Donny and I screamed!!! Andrew Lloyd Webber picked three Americans to be in the film and I was one of them. We filmed in London at Pinewood Studios and I was there for two and a half months. They put me up in this amazing flat and I had a driver to and from the set every day! I filmed my song on a set that was used for a James Bond film.

Donny was a dream to work with, he would be laughing during my song when he wasn’t supposed to so we would have to keep reshooting it. Joan Collins was exactly how you thought she would be. She had an army around her fanning her and holding water for her which came out of a straw. I did not expect anything less. She just saw Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation the other night and loved it! Richard was a very kind man, he had never done a musical before so he was out of his element and always asked for help from the company. I still to this day get recognized for the film!!

You have been referred to as The Mayor of Broadway. What advice would you have for young actors who are starting out in the theater world in New York?

McIntyre: My advice for young actors today is do your homework!  There are many young actors I have worked with who are not prepared.  They show up not knowing their lines or the history of the piece and the people that they are working for. We didn’t have the internet when I was coming up but I always did my research to find out EVERYTHING! I was so hungry to perform and had drive and passion. No one is better than the piece you’re working on. We must realize as performers, you are storytellers. If you tell the story the playwright gave you and take the guidance the director gives, you will succeed!

Is there anything in general you would like to tell audiences about Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation?

McIntyre: I think this Forbidden Broadway is some Gerard’s best work! It’s so witty and clever. He also wanted to make this production different, which is why he called me in to choreograph. He wanted the show to move this time. For years the cast in previous productions just stood in front of a mic and didn’t dance at all.  He wanted this show to be like the next generation of Forbidden Broadway.

Would you like to share with us what your next projects are?

McIntyre: I am directing and choreographing a production of Once on This Island at Pioneer Theatre in Utah. I’m also directing and choreographing a musical called The Book of Merman at Pittsburgh CLO. In addition, I am choreographing The Music of Maury Yeston at the York Theatre, which Gerard is directing.

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